HP HS04 Laptop Battery- 2600mAh 14.6V Li-ion


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Model: A Grade for HP

Capacity: 2600mAh

Voltage: 14.6V

Cell: 4 Cell Battery

Type: Li-ion


This high-quality HP HS04 laptop battery is compatible with various HP laptop models, including the HP Pavilion and ProBook series. It offers extended lifespan and dependable performance, keeping you productive on the go. This A-grade HP HS04 replacement battery is specifically designed for compatible HP laptops, including:

  • 14-ac018tx (M9V45PA)
  • 14-ac025tx (M9V87PA)
  • 14-ac030tx (N4F49PA)
  • 14-ac032tu (M9V37PA)
  • 14-ac059tu (N1W35PA)
  • 14-ac066tu (N4G16PA)
  • 14-ac116tx (P3D46PA)
  • 14-ac135tx (T5Q98PA)
  • 14-ac141tu (P3D47PA)
  • 14-ac142tu (P3D48PA)
  • 14-af004ax (N4G28PA)
  • 14-af103ax (P3D49PA)
  • 14-af106au (P3D50PA)
  • 14-af107au (P3U44PA)
  • 14g-ad004tx
  • 14q-aj001TX
  • 14q-aj002TX
  • 14q-aj003TX
  • 15-AC011NS
  • 15-AC614TX
  • 15-ac009tx (M4Y85PA)
  • 15-ac012tu (M4Y86PA)
  • 15-ac023tx (M9U76PA)

Key Features of HP HS04 Laptop Battery:

  • Capacity: 2600mAh (Provides up to X hours of runtime, depending on usage)
  • Voltage: 14.6V
  • Cell Type: 4-Cell Lithium Ion (Li-ion)
  • Warranty: 6 Months

Upgrade your HP laptop’s battery life with this reliable and long-lasting replacement. Ensure compatibility by checking your laptop’s model number before purchase.


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